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Secret Flight

Posted by endless_abyss on 2010.10.11 at 12:50
Once in a while I stumble upon an pilot centric manga, but often the uniforms are generic , which is unfortunate (or they are not present at all and you just know from conversation that one is a pilot. =/). However, I have another one to post today, and the uniforms are quite nice.

Its another gay manga, just like the one I posted here, but all you are gonna get is the captain in uniform. XD This post is safe for work, btw.

Unfortunately only the first two chapters have been translated (unfortunate for me anyway), but I do have the whole manga in Chinese, which is why there is an image with Chinese text, not English.

Opening page in color!Collapse )



Posted by evildrew on 2010.02.23 at 23:21
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Look, an airplane! There's just some lady in the way...I really want to see what is in the panel below the Garmin 500.

Not work safe, although that's sort of implied.

Sexy flying!



Posted by evildrew on 2010.02.04 at 00:55
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So here's something I can't say I thought I'd see. A pilot gimp. Or a gimp pilot. I'm sure there is a difference to someone.

He's only a first officer, which explains it.

I only just noticed the old 737 (I think) parked at a jetway in a picture above the desk...and there is another picture of some other plane.

Keep hunting, bring that content!

I have fellow plane fetishists! Yesss...

Posted by paninyourface on 2009.08.10 at 23:33
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This is my introduction. ^_^

I've found this community by randomly googling "aerophilia" which is my MSN nickname.
I was immediately intruiged when I read the community description, since that's exactly what I've been searching for! O_O
I never thought I would find this. So eventhough this community seems to be dying or moving slow, I'll try my best to contribute to it and hopefully keep it alive and kicking.

To the questions evildrew has posted:

"If you're not a pilot, what drew you to aviation? Do you just get off on pilots, or was there something that made it happen? Does the attraction extend to other parts of the industry? Flight attendants perhaps? Boys, girls? What's your thing?!"


1. I'm not sure what exactly drew me to aviation but one thing is for certain, that it started very early.
I guess it's because I was separated from my Dad when I was only four and the plane was getting to be the symbol of happiness for me, since it's the "thing" which always brought my Dad back to me from far away.
Ever since, as a kid, I started to always look up to the sky and randomly salute to every plane I saw. lol
But even so, I think I've always been attracted to "things that fly", height and the gracefulness of flying.
2. What I'm attracted to in particular right now are military jets. They are fast, beautiful (in my eyes), deadly and graceful = perfect! <3
As for humans, it's the pilots!~
3. My Dad wanted me to join the Air Force (he was in the US Army) and I was seriously tempted for obvious reasons, but in the end I don't think I am cut out for the military.

I tried to find some material for the community but thus far I haven't seen anything worth posting yet. I am sorry... >_<
Hmm... Though perhaps this?

Damn, it seems you guys have found some nice pilot pictures already, but when I clicked on the links the pictures were already gone or deleted from photobucket...


Gobble gobble...

Posted by evildrew on 2008.11.30 at 10:58
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So as I come falling out of this Thanksgiving weekend with the unpleasant realization that half of my 22 emails don't matter and I have finals in two weeks...I am reminded that this community is here.

Hi! ::Waves.::

I hope everyone had a good holiday with their favorite copilots and crew. I know I did. Between now and the end of January hopefully I'll get my commercial pilot certificate, I encourage you all to go out and do something equally productive (but not necessarily as expensive). If you have access to a plane, get up there! Autumn is possibly the most beautiful time of year to be in the air. Shockingly clear, where I can see Long Beach from Santa Monica, and cool. Those small aircraft are like ovens in the summer. Whether you can fly a Cub or a Gulfstream, get moving. And with gas prices crashing, I know I'm lowering my rental rates. Your rental establishment of choice should be too.

I'm still always on the prowl for new and exciting content. With the exception of a montage of females stripping, one of which was a costume-store-purchased female airline pilot, I haven't found anything worth posting. And that isn't worth posting either. Maybe someday I'll get a decent camera and start shutterbugging. Or maybe I'll join the Mile High Club (again) and bring you photos. Not really, I don't think my female would approve. XD

Just remember, this community makes no judgments, so submit whatever you want! Women, men, something in between? If they're in an airplane, in a uniform, near an airplane, near an airport then it counts.

Keep flying high!


I'm alive...

Posted by evildrew on 2008.04.07 at 23:50
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Hello all. I thought I'd put up a little...poll. So go ahead, answer the question in as much or as little detail as you like.

What's the most lewd thing you've done in an airplane?

This can be anything from "I licked the tray table" to "I had sex in the cockpit". We don't judge! Ain't it great? ;D

On a side note, I'm always stalking for new material. Amazing that there is so little, isn't it?

Cheers. ;D


Pilot fetish in the real world...

Posted by evildrew on 2008.02.03 at 00:51
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So did anyone else see this? Not exactly professional conduct. XD

Apparently Euro pilots have way more fun.

Cheers. ;D

Flying pickle


Posted by evildrew on 2007.12.01 at 21:40
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Hey, all. I dunno how many of you are even aware this community is still...alive. I know things have been slow, I've been really busy and not had much time for material-hunting. But maybe one day I'll get a digital camera and can start taking pictures? Or maybe I'll get my uniform on and strip. No...I won't. XD

So I'm wondering who here is a certified pilot? I got my private on July 31, 2006. Best day of my life. I'll hopefully have my instrument by the end of the year. After that, commercial then CFI. Right now I manage a flight school (yes that means I wear the whole uniform, no tie or stripes though, we're casual), and do a little tutoring on the side. I really enjoy teaching, sharing the aviation love and all that.

If you're not a pilot, what drew you to aviation? Do you just get off on pilots, or was there something that made it happen? Does the attraction extend to other parts of the industry? Flight attendants perhaps? Boys, girls? What's your thing?!

Let's try to bring people back around here and get this thing a little more lively.

Frequency change approved, g'day!



Posted by endless_abyss on 2006.10.22 at 11:01
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Okay... well only kinda. But In my last post I said that pilot art of any kind (photos, drawing... porn...) was pretty lacking. Yesterday I went to a convention with a friend of mine, and just happened to find this gorgeous thing. It was a steal too, only $5, although I'm sure I would have paid more for it.

I spared you any details, but the story is about a gay pilot seducing a flight attendant. For the most part you couldn't tell unless I told you because of what I scanned and what I left out, but I thought I would just let everyone know just incase someone really isn't interested in watching a guy flight attendant blush at the sight of an oh-so-sexy male pilot.

OK, onto the images!Collapse )

So yea... enjoy! Hopefully I will be able to find more stuff ::still cant believe I found this:: and I will be sure to post it!



My apologies to those of you who dont like...

Posted by endless_abyss on 2006.10.17 at 21:03
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PornCollapse )

No pictures or anything under the cut, just links. And there are just three, so that least me to as this question: Has anyone looked for and/or found anything pornish with pilots in it? I mean... its not a super common fetish, like maids or cops... but its not non-existant. We are here aren't we? So why is this all I've ever been able to find?

Thoughts? Want to share your finding?


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