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Pilot sex

Pilot Fetish
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PLEASE! WE NEED SOME MATERIAL SO IF YOU JOIN, TRY TO POST SOMETHING! This stuff seems to be pretty rare, folks, so help us out. Bring what you have, find, know of...whatever. The community seems really slow, we know, but it's not like we aren't trying!

What we are about: This community is exactly what the name suggests. A community for anyone who shares a love of men and women in uniform...with wings. ;D Come by to post pictures, discuss ideas, or even just to talk aviation. It's all good. Spread the word, this is the first community I've seen on LJ for this interest! You can take the name literally or not. But either way, the sexual nature is implied.

Rules: Nothing too complicated here. The standard fare, but the list is here anyway to avoid any confusion.

1) Be respectul. If you don't like something here, don't look at it, don't comment on it. That's pretty simple. Take any kind of trolling elsewhere. If somone has decided to break this rule, dont try to solve the problem yourself, let one of the mods know.

2) Let's stick with established languages of the world. That means no leet speak and no "AOLer" speak. (Such as: "i 4/|\ 73h h4x0r2 1 pwnz j00" or "omg leik wut i am teh shit lolz" respectively.) It's annoying and hard to read for some. If you comment with either type of language you will be warned, and if the problem presists stronger action may be taken. If you post using the stated languages your post will be deleted, no questions asked. You are free to repost as long as it is in proper english. This is nothing personal, it's just offending to the eyes...and the brain.

3) If you want to plug a community, please email one of the maintainers first, and make sure it's a related community. This means don't plug your My Little Pony community even if you email the maintainer beforehand. If you plug without emailing, the post will be deleted and you might not get a chance to post again.

4) Put pictures and really long posts under a cut. Anything that might not be "wholesome" should be labeled appropriately (that means NSFW or "SEX LIES BENEATH"...we're not picky, just get the message across), we don't want anyone to get in trouble.

5) Don't come here if you're not supposed to be here. We won't take responsibility if you get in trouble, you all know the rules. This community has a 'mature' or 'adult' theme so if you don't know the rules, go learn them. However, if you choose to come here and you're not necessarily supposed to be, that's fine, but then it is between you and whoever finds out.

~Rule breaking will be handled on a case by case basis. Please don't make any more work for the maintainers, we have enough to do on our own! But if we have to lay down the justice, we will.~

If you wish to advertise and spread the word about this kick ass community, please use this code and one of the banners below!
Banners to choose from (please click on link to view, copy the text below if you wish to promote with it):

1. Would you rather see this on your floor?

2. If these are your sex toys...

3. If you saw the plane first...

4. If filing a flight plan is your idea of foreplay...

5. You know it only matters to them.

That's pretty much it...come on over, share the love of the sky!

Thanks for checking us out and spread the word!